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Ebb Medical is a tough challenger with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market.
We work with prescription drugs to the Swedish market and provide healthcare professionals all the services concerning our medicines that may be needed. 

All our products are covered by pharmaceutical insurance and are distributed to pharmacies by Tamro.

For more information about our products visit or contact us by



Ebb Medical AB

Phone: +46 (0)10 207 80 10
Postal address: Box 114, SE-371 22 Karlskrona
Visit address: Norra Smedjegatan 52
E-mail: []

Urgent pharmaceuthical issues concerning our products out of office hours, we refer to LIF hotline at Falck Läkarbilar, phone + 46 (0)40-22 35 38.

In case of medical questions we refer to: Läkemedelsupplysningen, tel 0771-46 70 10 or Sjukvårdsrådgivningen, tel 1177

Our products are insured by Svenska Läkemedelsförsakringen , phone +46(0)8-4623700

Report adverse events through Läkemedelsverket